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What Are The Different Excel Shortcuts For Locking Cell References?

There are different Excel shortcuts for locking cell references, including:

  1. Using the F4 key: While editing a formula in Excel, place the cursor on the cell reference you want to lock, then press the F4 key. This will toggle the reference from relative to absolute, and then to mixed (depending on the number of times you press the key).

  2. Manually typing the $ sign: You can manually add the $ sign before the column and/or row reference in a formula to make it an absolute reference. For example, to lock the reference to cell A1, you can change it to $A$1.

  3. Using the keyboard shortcut: To make a cell reference absolute, you can use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + Shift + $" to add the $ symbol to the reference. This works for both individual cells and cell ranges.

By locking cell references with these shortcuts, you can prevent them from changing when you copy or move a formula to other cells. This is particularly useful when you want to use a formula repeatedly without having to manually adjust the cell references each time.


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