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How To Make the Most Of The F4 Shortcut In Excel

To make the most of the F4 shortcut in Excel, you can use it in the following ways:

  1. Repeat the last action: If you have performed an action on a cell, such as formatting or inserting a formula, you can use F4 to repeat the action on another cell.

  2. Absolute referencing: When entering a formula, you can use F4 to toggle between relative and absolute referencing. For example, if you want to lock a cell reference in a formula, you can place your cursor on the reference and press F4 to add dollar signs to the cell reference.

  3. Repeat the last cell entry: If you have typed something into a cell and want to repeat it in another cell, select the new cell and press F4 to repeat the last cell entry.

  4. Cycle through different cell reference types: You can cycle through different types of cell references, such as absolute or mixed references, by repeatedly pressing F4.

Using the F4 shortcut can save you time and improve your efficiency when working with Excel spreadsheets.

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